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DrinkWorks was founded in 2009 by Apostolos and Orestis who still run the project and try to create innovative things and ideas so to please every customer, either social or corporate.Their main fields of expertise are: Events // Bar CateringEvery event is a unique project for DrinkWorks.

The type and style of the event, the time it will take place, the host preferences and the number of guests are the elements they need to “design” the ideal bar with original details. DrinkWorks services are designed so to cover any kind of social or corporate event. Social meaning: Weddings / Baptisms / Birthdays / Parties / Children’s parties and  Corporate: Conferences / Seminars / Corporate parties / Openings / Coffee Breaks / Pop-up events / Presentations / Fashion shows /Cocktail Seminars & WorkshopsDrinkWorks organizes seminars for those who want to get a first taste of the art of making cocktails and have fun combining knowledge with game. The seminar takes place with a maximum of 50 people at DrinkWorks’ premises.Team Building activitiesInteractive games based on the techniques of making cocktails and tailored to the needs of each company. DrinkWorks’ bartenders and collaborators-evaluators are participating in the process, which guides the participants to the various tasks they need to complete and score their efforts. The activity starts with a brief introduction to theoretical knowledge about cocktails, followed by their preparation.GiftsAll their products are designed so that they can be made by people who love cocktails but have not had the opportunity to deal with the details of their mixing. The range of choices they offer covers the most popular flavors, while they also offer specialized recipes to more eminent customers.


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