Our services

We’re an energetic team, committed to excellent, quality service

At Sweet Tempo we aim to provide an extraordinary entertainment experience created and produced with the energy and passion required to exceed all your expectations. We bring unmatched technical skills and expertise to each event, using lighting, sound and video to enhance and amplify the natural beauty of every space and create unforgettable experiences.Providing effective and reliable sound and lighting solutions, we guarantee your guests an exceptional visual and sounding event.Whatever event you are preparing, we make sure the DJs or the live bands have the ideal audio and visual environment to convert a great show into a spectacular one.

Music & Sound

We’ve all been to a wedding where everything is absolutely perfect, except the DJ.
At Sweet Tempo we believe the DJ is the most important element of your wedding reception. Music creates memories, and we aim to create the perfect soundtrack to your special day that will be remembered forever.
How do we achieve this?
1. We are transparent about the types of music we play
2. We work with you leading up to the big day to ensure our music selection is all that you have hoped for 
3. Our team only consists of highly experienced DJs, so expect seamless mixes, quality music and a packed and lively dance floor.

Live bands

There is just something a little more classy to walking into a room filled with live music vs recorded music. It’s visual, vibrant and more artistic. Picture a mini concert filled with choreography, crowd interaction and a beautiful composition of live musicians. With a Live Band, you not only get to rock out to your favorite songs, you have the human interaction and an in-your face experience of your favorite tunes. Sweet Tempo works with various live bands with different music styles like funk, soul, jazz, lounge, rock’n’roll, classical, disco, rock, swing, even rebetico!

Sound Equipment

Our team of highly skilled sound consultants, technicians and engineers know everything there is to know about creating the perfect sound system to suit our client’s needs. Audio is the foundation of any event. Sometimes it is only a microphone with two speakers. Other times you will need a full line-array, mixer and multiple microphones. Sweet Tempo has a diverse inventory of equipment that can provide you with the audio capabilities you need to help make your event sound as amazing as it looks.

Lighting Services

Lighting is determinant as it gives depth and ambiance to an event space.Basic lighting can provide you with the means to see in a dark room, change the color temperature or to shine a spotlight on performers. From conventional to LED to intelligent lighting systems, we can provide your custom event lighting.

We always aim for creative light solutions which comes with the combination of our technology and our creativity.

Use colored lights to set the mood, wash lights and uplighting for atmosphere and visibility, and even bubbles, haze and fog for dramatic entrances, exits and finales.  


Advances in multimedia technology have made video an integral part of any event. From large screen projection, allowing the smallest of performers to be seen at great distances, to the smooth integration of video presentations in the corporate meeting room, we have the tools and expertise to fulfill your needs. Impact your audience with clear images and a professional high lumen presentation projectors for your powerpoint, picture slideshow, movie night or corporate meeting. These ultimate bright projectors are easily connected to a laptop or any audio/video source. Video, streaming and drone cameras make your moments last forever.